End of 2016

It’s the last day of 2016. Here I am alone with my family. My year was shitty. The man I love left me. The man I love will never come back to me. I am alone. It’s all over for me and I just don’t know wtf to do. I hurt so deeply inside that it seems I will never come out of it.

The lord works in mysterious ways. For every time there is a season and for every season is a place. All I can do is pray that God has a plan for me. He will pave the way for my path. I know that He will show me the way. I will be happy to receive his plan.

I really hope that life opens up for me new things. I have a list for 2017 predictions. They WILL happen. Love is the theme this year 2017 will be MY year!!

  • He and I will get back together and things will be different with us.
  • I will finish school and get on my career path.
  • Dreams that I want to come true will start to take shape.

I know that my 2017 predictions will come true one way or another. I have faith and hope that they will. 


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