Not Your Average Fairytale

This isn’t one of those stories that begins with once upon a time. This is one of those stories that begins with girl meets boy. 

They were young when they first met. The world was different then. Their world. It was a teenagers world, full of experiencing things for the first time. They did just that… together. At the end of it though, it was over and she was heartbroken. 

The story isn’t over yet. Over the following years they found each other again and again. They became best friends in the process. Seeing each other through ups and downs. She was his constant support, always having his back. He was her calm, her anchor when a storm would brew in her life.

One day the clouds became pitch black and a darkness seeped its way into his life. Try as she might she couldn’t pull him away from it. He twisted into someone unrecognizable from the calm person he used to be. Her anchor was gone. Everything that reminded her of him tarnished.

The darkness ate up all his light, sucked it right out of him, leaving him a twisted shell of a person. Weaker than he had ever been. 

The girl realized that she had to shine brightly to overcome the darkness and the pitch black cloud that hung over his life. She knew that he still had a speck of light in his heart for her and she knew that one day the darkness would seep out and the light would make him whole again. Her light would fill his heart and ease his soul, just as it always had. Comforting his. She would be his support again, unwaveringly loyal and he would be her calm anchor and they would weather any storm together.


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